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The Life! Program is a free.....

Government funded lifestyle modification program to help delay or prevent the onset of diabetes, heart disease and stroke.


Features: a one on one lifestyle modification consultation with a Health Professional and a five session group program.



Meet Kim, Managing Director of Lets Talk Life! 

Hello, I'm a Registered Critical Care Nurse, Credentialed Diabetes Educator and Health Coach.  I have spent many years working in Emergency and Intensive Care.  However for the last ten years, I have focused on preventative care and well being, to empower people's health.

My Lets Talk Life! philosophy is to help people prevent or delay the onset of diabetes, heart disease and stroke. This program is fully endorsed and funded by Diabetes Australia (Vic) and the state government.


Our team of Dietitians, Exercise Physiologists and Diabetes Educators, run free individual appointments and group run programs, to help people improve their health, lose weight and motivate them towards a healthier lifestyle.


Our approach ensures people use better knowledge with long-term behavioural strategies needed  to support a healthy lifestyle change.



For people visiting this site, who have diabetes, and wish to make appointments, please click here on the link




Lets Talk Life!


running lifestyle modification programs to prevent diabetes, heart disease and stroke

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