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this involves an


  • assessment of your risk of developing diabetes, heart disease or stroke, by one of our AP Dietitians, RN Diabetes Educators or Accredited Exercise Physiologists.


  • and a 45 minute consult, individualised to your personal needs; to help you focus on behaviour change for ongoing weight loss and optimising your future health

.....enrol in our free lifestyle modification program, run evenings, weekends & daytimes across the Northern suburbs
the group program follows on from the one on one consultation and each session covers individual topics such as:
  • managing cholesterol and blood pressure,
  • understanding energy dense foods,
  • label reading,
  • modifying recipes,
  • quick and easy meals to the table,
  • setting SMART goals,
  • changing habits and behaviours,
  • managing stress and relapses.
A follow up session is completed 6 months after the program to ensure you are on track or support you further as required
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Lets Talk Life!


running lifestyle modification programs to prevent diabetes, heart disease and stroke

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